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     It all started in January 1910, when Guitarist Virtuoso Jean-Baptiste
"Django" Reinhardt was born in Liberchies, Belgium.

     Django Reinhardt founded the Hot Club of France with Master Violinist Stephane Grappelli and developed an acoustic quintet with only stringed instruments : Guitars, Violin and Upright Bass. 

     This music genre, Gypsy Jazz, became popular in the 1930's, flirting with the most famous American Jazz standards and the most memorable French songs often spiced with a hint of Eastern European music.

     This style and this tradition of acoustic jazz have been maintained and appreciated by jazz musicians throughout the years.

    The Hot Club of DC celebrates the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli as it was played before and as it has evolved today, more than 100 years later. Our repertoire covers some of the 1920s ~ 1950s American Jazz Standards, Django's tunes and some of his contemporaries, Classic French songs and a few Eastern European traditional tunes.

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